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Children’s Day

The best thing you can do for your child is...


‘Dad, daddy, daaad!’

‘What’s the matter?’

‘I know what I would like for Children’s Day!’

‘How come? You’re the son of the most powerful president in the world and you already have everything a child could dream of. And more.’

‘I know I have everything, but I thought you might issue a decree to make all the children in the world happy tomorrow. If only for a single day.’

‘You know, it’s kind of difficult...’

‘Daddy, please...’

‘All right then. But just for one day. I’ll see what I can do.’


The president issued some orders and next day the world changed beyond recognition. The only crying children that could be heard were crying with laughter. Hearty, unrestrained laughter.




Children’s Day was drawing to a close when the president’s 5-year-old son jumped on his dad’s lap and asked hopefully:


‘Dad, daddy, daaad!’

‘What’s the matter this time?’

‘No, it’s nothing. Great job, dad! Thank you!’

‘Not at all, buddy. You know I’d do everything for you.’

‘Speaking of which...’

‘What is it?’

If you were able to protect all children from bad things that usually make them cry, maybe you could do the same trick tomorrow?’

‘You know... It’s not that easy.’


‘All right then. I’ll see what I can do.’




Next evening the boy wanted to ask his dad once again to make Children’s Day last a bit longer. Unfortunately, he didn’t have a chance.


The president was overthrown, because his “irresponsible behaviour” jeopardises the interests of too many people. He was replaced by a man who was supposed to make sure everything would be the way it was before.





And it would probably have been the same, if not for a certain wise woman who had an idea to establish a secret mothers’ organisation. As a symbol of their resistance they chose … a pair of ordinary slippers.


The woman concluded that you don’t have to leave your home to change the world. You don’t have to be a president, who can wipe the tears off children’s faces with a single decree. It’s enough if you start with your own home. And your own family.


Start with hugging your child. Look them in the eyes and say three magic words: “I love you.” And then: “It’s good you’re here.”




Crobbe tips:


Do you want to change the world? Provide your children with the best energy for life – pure, unconditional love.


The more they receive, the longer and better will they resist everything that’s bad in the world. And the people they meet on the way will be able to draw on their hope and strength.


Don’t worry. None of the good energy you share with your children will be wasted. Unlike the most durable elements, the good is never lost.



Author: Maciej Wojtas

Translation: Maria Antonina Jaszczurowska

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