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Do you also want to waste today’s chance, even though it might be the last one?

Autumn arrived in a city park one day.


She sat down on a bench, looked around and got round to work. She added a touch of yellow here and there, and a playful spot of red in between. She sprinkled a handful of noble brown, a few drops of juicy orange and a pinch of antiquated gold.


She approached maple trees and put her lips to the mossy bark to whisper something. The trees immediately started their generous action of spreading the seeds. Then she visited the old oaks. She stroked them gently and in return they blushed shyly, as if they were two hundred years younger.


Finally, Autumn ran to the chestnut trees and winked at them flirtatiously. The tree crown shook slightly, as if somebody asked them to dance. A moment later fresh, glossy chestnuts lay on the frozen grass, bathed in the morning dew. This was enough to attract the attention of a group of children.


Hardly an hour had passed when a crowd of kids were busting under the chestnut trees. All the children from the nearby schools and kindergartens came to collect the treasures of Autumn. Strangely enough, one tree stood alone: the one near the stone wall.


Nobody came, because not a single chestnut had fallen from its branches. There were no chestnuts, because back in spring, when first flower buds appeared on the tree, frost sneaked at night and killed every single one of them. The poor tree was clearly out of luck. It was none of its fault, though.




Nature can be cruel. If a plant or an animal fails to do something at the right time, then it must wait for the next opportunity, which is usually the following year. Provided it survives the winter.


If you were out of luck and you feel you missed out on the best time of your life – do not despair. As long as you are alive, as long as you can use your hands, your eyes and ears – you can still do a lot of good things. Do not waste this day. Do not wait until tomorrow. Do something today.


Do not wait until tomorrow, because the night might bring unexpected frost, which may turn your whole life upside down for good this time...




Author: Maciej Wojtas

Translation: Maria Antonina Jaszczurowska

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