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How many steps a day do you have to take to feel happy?

They say you have to walk at least ten thousand steps a day to keep fit and healthy. Still, we believe you don’t need to walk that far to count your day as a happy one. We’ve got a few alternative suggestions.



1) Zero steps

While lying in your bed in the morning, you don’t have to walk a single step to feel happy not just once, but twice. The first time is when you open your eyes and realise you made it yet again. You have come to greet another morning. You can get up and change the world for the better.


The second time is when you look your wife in the eyes and tell her she looks beautiful. Or tell your husband it’s good to have him around. Just so. The happiness felt by the other person will soon return to you – twice as strong!



2) A few or a dozen steps

Once you’re up, it enough to walk a few steps on your way to the bathroom, to feel happy once again. This is because when you get up, you immediately realise how lucky you are to be able to move around and walk in any direction you want. On your own. Without asking for help.



3) A few steps

Just a few more steps will be enough to make you feel alive. Once you pop into the kitchen, you can find the energy to make it through the day, not only when you look out of the window to admire the sunny weather, but also when you enjoy a cup of hot, refreshing coffee. Come on, warm your hands on a steaming mug, full of fragrance.



4) A few dozen or a hundred steps

Sometimes you have to walk a few dozen steps to make it to the nearest playground with your child – this will make them happy as well. Your child’s smile will definitely make your heart melt a bit.


5) A few hundred, a few thousand or just a few steps

No matter how far your parents live, even a brief visit will mean a lot to them. Especially if they are elderly and hardly ever receive visitors.


6) A few thousand steps

This is probably the longest distance you have to walk to feel extremely happy. It is a trip to the countryside. To the woods or a meadow – anywhere you can think of. The further from the city, the better. Away from the crowds, noise and stress. Close to the green, to the nature. This is how you ease your mind. Out there in the open, to enjoy fresh air, which can make you dizzy.



And what is it that makes you happy?

What are the little things that make you smile?




Author: Maciej Wojtas

Translation: Maria Antonina Jaszczurowska

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