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What is living in Poland like, anyway?

What has been going on in Poland this year? What has happened in this fabulous land, where Crobbe slippers are made? Here’s a brief account for those who would like to visit us one day. Or return here, if only in their dreams.


Winter started with Christmas. Actually, it arrived a bit ahead of time, just to avoid being late. It tiptoed in its cloudy coat, cast the last gnarled leaves off the trees and covered the land with a layer of cold frosting.


One day before Christmas we sat down to the Christmas Eve supper. Before numerous white plates appeared on the table with loads of traditional dishes, we hugged one another, apologised for what was bad and wished each other whatever we think would be nice to have.


Then came the New Year. Almost every one of us made a resolution to start everything anew. To change everything (for the better, of course). The new calendar year was supposed to be a breakthrough. And we nearly made it. At least some of us.


In January winter tucked us all in a duvet of white snow. And then came another later, and next one – just to be sure. As if winter thought we would be much warmer under its brand cover. It didn’t understand that we may feel quite different about it.


After a few long months, when we were almost familiar with numerous shades of white, whimsy spring arrived.


It was undecided and moody. Instead of sprinkling the fields with flowers, it whipped us with gusty winds, cold showers and occasionally even snow. It bent over backwards to draw our attention. And, frankly speaking, it succeeded.


Today, as strawberries in the fields blush, ashamed of being so luscious and tempting, we’re waiting for the summer. Astronomical summer, that is, because the actual weather reminds us of African summer, to say the least. And it has been so for the past couple of days.


It is with great terror that we’re observing the Saharan air devouring helpless trees, as they try to extend their roots to reach deep into the ground to draw the last drops of water.


What happens now?


Well, in two or three months, once the summer is over, after it has used up all the heat reserve for this year, autumn will arrive. A wonder of Nature, whose beauty cannot be described in a single sentence.


But we will tell you more about it on another occasion.



Author: Maciej Wojtas

Translation: Maria Antonina Jaszczurowska

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