Where did we get the idea to create a brand that will bring joy to people from Canada to Australia? Well, one day we decided to find the answer to the most difficult question in the world: why do people buy leather slippers?



It turned out there are many reasons for this:

  • because they want to look great even when nobody is looking
  • because when they are at home, they want to feel at home, rather than like in the street
  • because their feet deserve a healthy dose of pleasure
  • because they want to be environment-friendly through and through
  • because they adore noble simplicity
  • because they love everything that comes from Nature
  • because they like it when their skin can get some fresh air
  • because walking barefoot is fun, but only for some time
  • just because, for no special reason



We wanted to create slippers which will fulfil all those requirements and expectations. This meant we set a very high standard for ourselves from the beginning.


We started with the design. While looking for the perfect style, we found out that there is nothing more fashionable than evergreen classics. And that was it! Then the time came to put our plans to the test in practice.

By the way: Do you realise how complicated it is to produce simple slippers?

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