Simple way to make women’s leather slippers


To start with, you need leather. It must be from a Polish tannery. And it would be even better if it were from a small, family-run workshop, where the secrets of the trade and formulas are passed down from generation to generation.


This is where you will obtain a perfect raw material, because in such workshops leather is processed with natural methods. And if it is sometimes necessary to use other means to match the technological requirements, they will always be safe both for

human health and for the environment.


However, if you are unable to find such a workshop, you may want to try processing the leather yourself to prepare it for making slippers. If you have already gained thorough knowledge about the process, it should not take longer than six months.


Then you have to unroll the leather from the roll and think about how you are going to cut out the individual elements of the slipper, so as to minimise the amount of waste material. And this is basically it, not to mention a few details:


  • cut the elements out with metal punches
  • make a mould of specific patterns
  • sew together the individual modules of the slipper
  • connect the leather to the lining
  • press the connected parts together
  • model the slipper for a few dozen hours
  • pack the ready slippers to cardboard boxes
  • prepare the parcels for shipment


Piece of cake, isn’t it?

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